About us

Repeated customers from across the low country love the convenience of
working with us, and we love nothing better than improving their lives
making them comfortable, safe, and more functional.

Why us?
Our determination and commitment is to satisfy our clients. That’s the reason they keep coming back. And not only that, but they also tell their friends and relatives, and most of them are pleased to be our reference. We are firm about being responsive and good listeners in order to communicate effectively.
Our honest policy is to give the right estimated price for
all jobs along with time consumption. 

What we normally do is…
1. All employees must have their background checks completed.
2. Wear uniforms to be properly identified.
3. Employees Be knowledgeable about the job.
4. Put on shoe covers and face masks.
5. No smoking is permitted on the property.
6. Keep the jobsite materials clean.
7. Protect the work area.

Whenever you need a handyman for hire… Please call us at (843) 442-3963.
We will make sure that we are your only favorite.